Friday, April 3, 2020

Bienie’s Garage and Body Shop was established in 1957 by my uncle Virgil Bien and my father, Leroy Bien at 1515 S. Main, Ottawa Kansas. In 1961 Virgil built a new facility at 319 west Wilson, where the UPS Building in Ottawa is today. At the time it was state of the art in both Mechanical and Body repair. In 1971, my father, LeRoy built a new facility for Body work at 104 S. Poplar. In 1972 he opened business full time. Bienie’s Body Shop was a full service Body Shop in the repair of cars and trucks. The Facility was unique in that he had the frame machine built into the floor. It was well known around that our frame work was top notch. Having 5 boys it was just natural that most of us would get a taste of Collision repair.

My brother Tim had worked for my father for many years once my father went on his own. In 1985 my brother Tim went into business for himself under the name of Perfection Body Shop. The two operated out of the same facility due to the fact that dad was close to retire. I would help Tim from time to time. In early 1987 Tim had plans to build a new facility just north of my father’s building. Tim opened the new Perfection Body Shop in the fall of 1987 at 126 North Poplar, our present location. I supervised all aspects of the construction. I worked as a Supervisor for the Company contracted to build the facility. The shop was a state of the art facility with many items of repair that didn’t exist in the area before. Equipment such as a downdraft paint booth and the area’s first manufactured frame machine. My father retired but since everyone knew us by Bienie’s, we kept all advertisements current. In 1988 I joined the shop and worked all aspects of the shop. I grew up in and out of Body Repair practically all my life. We grew up in the shop learning all facets of the trade becoming combination technicians. We’re still one of the only shops that still work with lead. With the changes in the structure of cars Tim made sure that we were always ahead of the game when it came to equipping the shop. He was the first to introduce laser measuring on the frame machine in the area as well as performing alignments on the frame machine. The first to introduce inverter spot welding to replace factory spot welds. Also was the first to have computerized paint mixing.
I bought the business from Tim, July 1st 2005, and reinstated the Bienie’s name. We expanded the building and our service by adding Light Mechanical services and tires. In staying with tradition we installed the latest in tire mounting and balancing technology. Our Alignment system is done by laser measuring instead of the old electronic scanners that require calibration all the time. We utilize induction heat in frame repair. Our frame machine is current generation of laser measuring with all current anchoring systems. We’ve added the latest in technology in paint mixing capabilities through DuPont and Standox. As of 1 November 2008 we have gone paperless to store documents electronically. We have joined with Bells Wreckers to provide 24 hour tow service. Now we have come full circle with the addition of Heavy Mechanical. Beginning 1 January 2009 Virgil’s son Dennis Bien will join the operation. Dennis is an ASE Master Mechanic and holds many Certificates in each of the different manufactures. Dennis brings with him many years of experience and computer diagnostics.
Bienie’s Body Shop inc., a family owned and operated business, has been in place for over 50 years, with Aaron L. Bien as the owner, it will continue to be a state of the art facility with the history of doing repairs to perfection!